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Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly

Sims 3 Store Serial Code

Hi.So I moved house and in the process lost my panphlet with my serial code.I want to re-install my sims 3 game to my laptop... is there a way of retreiving my code? I remember entering it to the Sims 3 website when I registered my game.Please help.

Sims 3 Store Serial Code

If you cannot find the serial number, or you have deleted the email, you can find your code in your Order History by going to Origin > EA Account and Billing... > Order History or directly by clicking My Account.

There are various ways that you can use to find your Sims 3 registration code (also known as serial code or product key) which you used the first time you installed the Sims 3 on your PC. You might want to use the serial key or product key again if you lost your game or if you uninstalled the game. It is always recommended that you store these codes safely as you might need them for future use.


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