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Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly

Truck Driver By Jessa Kane [EXCLUSIVE]

He walked into the truck stop diner one rainy night and my life was never the same. The mysterious big rig driver made me feel flustered in ways I barely understood, with his hands. His words. His observant eyes. Now he's telling me that I'm unsafe. That I'm in serious danger, unless I trust him. In all ways. Physically. Emotionally. In the back of his rig, I become his, without exception. But our happy ending could be cut short by the men who want to hurt me. They underestimated what my truck driver would do to keep me safe, though...and come home to me forever.

Truck Driver by Jessa Kane

If you're an owner-operator truck driver and are looking to lend your experience to one of the most respected logistics companies in the region, look no further. Kane Is Able is always looking for safe, experienced and reliable drivers to join the team. 041b061a72


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