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Where Can I Buy Patron Saint Medals

Home to a huge selection of sterling silver and gold Christian and Catholic saint medals. Shop pendants, jewelry, medallions, charms, rosaries, necklaces and car accessories. Find the devotion that fits your needs. Over 350 Patron Saints to choose from in addition to crucifix necklace pendants and cross necklace pendants and Holy Spirit medals as well as many other devotions including the ever-popular Miraculous Medal. All medals and jewelry are made in the USA and most come with a lifetime guarantee. Some of our most popular medals of saints and saint necklaces include Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Christopher, Saint Benedict, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Gianna Molla, Saint Sebastian, Saint Dymphna, Saint Agatha of Nurses, Saint Florian, Saint Luke and Saint Jude. We also have a wide selection of Catholic Military medals. All of our religious gifts ship quickly and many come in gift boxes.

where can i buy patron saint medals

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The saints of old are an inspiration for people today. They provide examples of faithfulness, perseverance and love of God and neighbor that can be used to guide our thoughts and actions. One of the most widely practiced personal devotions today is wearing a patron saint medal. With patrons and protectors for all types of vocations and life events, there is a saint for you. See our full list of Patron Saints

To ensure the best selection for our customers we have partnered with the leading religious medals manufacturers in the USA to bring you a selection of more than 25,000 medals and rosaries featuring over 400 different individual saints. In addition we offer cross jewelry, crucifixes, keychains, four-way medals and other religious items. Six ways we distinguish ourselves from other sources for religious medals are:

Celebrate your faith with Vatican Gift's selection of sterling silver saint medals. Crafted with the finest materials and featuring intricate details in every design, these religious collectibles make a perfect, timeless addition to any collection. Whether you're looking for a special gift for a loved one or a special item to commemorate your own spiritual journey, Vatican Gift carries a wide selection of saint medals in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Shop now for your perfect sterling silver saint medal!

All of our highly detailed patron saint medals are crafted from solid 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, or solid sterling silver. Our silver patron saint medals include a solid sterling silver chain at no additional charge. You can personalize the back of many of our saint medals with our custom engraving service.

The Saint Christopher medal depicts the hermit saint who, taking advantage of his height, used to help pilgrims cross rough rivers. He is venerated as one of the 14 Holy Helpers and is depicted carrying Baby Jesus on his back.This medal has a blank reverse side: for this reason, it is one of our customizable religious medals. If you want to shop one for you or your loved ones, you have the possibility to engrave a name or a date (or both) on its reverse side, in order to make it such an original gift, suitable for any religious occasion.

The Catholic faith uses medals to venerate major figures, places, and events in the history of Catholicism, as well as a form of holy protection. Some of these figures are saints who have played a notable role within the religion. Each medal has a specific meaning or purpose related to each saint. Learn more about the meaning behind each saint medal in the first part of our series.

St. Peregrine Laziosi started as a rebel and enemy of the church in his hometown of Forli, Italy. The pope sent Philip Benizi to the city as a peace ambassador, but Peregrine assaulted him. The rebel became remorseful afterward and asked for his forgiveness. He renounced his ways and became a priest. St. Peregrine is known as the patron saint of people with cancer, foot conditions, and other incurable diseases after a cancerous growth in his foot disappeared overnight after prayer. He reportedly cured other people throughout Forli after that.

If you are interested, McVan, Inc. features a vast selection of these saint medals and more. Visit our collection, place an order today, and keep an eye out for the second installment in our Saint Medal Meaning Series.

Patron saint medals are special pieces of Catholic jewelry that we wear to remind us of our relationship with our heavenly friends. They to prod us to pray to ask for Saint's intercession, and to assist us in imaging how we should live in imitation of Jesus Christ.

There are patron saints for virtually every cause, every state in life, every hardship. Spend time poring over the many saints in this online catalog, learn about their biographies and heroic virtues, and make new heavenly friends!

One of the most popular religious medals of our day. St. Christopher is pictured carrying the Child on his shoulder. The story is told that this third-century saint as a big-bodied youth served God and his neighbor well by carrying people over a dangerous river that had taken the lives of many. Among those he carried across was Christ himself, who, on one occasion, appeared to Christopher (Greek, Christ-Bearer) in the form of a child. He is the special patron and helper of travelers, especially those who travel by plane and automobile. Hence the custom of having St. Christopher medals (or statuettes) on the dashboard of automobiles. The feast of St. Christopher is on July 25 and his name remains on the Church calendars of particular regions. It no longer appears in the universal calendar because his cultus (like that of many saints) was not originally part of the liturgical tradition of the city of Rome, unlike other early saints, e.g., Sts. Agatha, Agnes, and Cecilia. But the Church has not removed him from veneration by the faithful as a saint.

6. A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAMEIt's hard to find a Catholic online who hasn't heard the amazing story of Saint Chad, the 8th century English bishop who happens to be the patron saint of controversial elections. Let's all 23,000 of us say a prayer to him now... 041b061a72


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