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Ian Alekseev
Ian Alekseev

Star Wars Force Unleashed: How Darth Vader's Apprentice Changed the Galaxy

Although Marek was successful in planting the homing device on the hull of the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star was still destroyed by the Rebels. After the battle, the ghost of Obi-Wan began tutoring Luke in the ways of the Force. Years later Marek tracked down Luke Skywalker and the rest of the Rebels to Hoth. After dispatching a snowspeeder with his lightsaber and exiting his AT-AT, Marek began his attack on Echo Base. Captain Keenah - who was to act as Marek's attack group liaison - planned an infiltration route for the dark lord to enter Echo Base via ice caverns adjacent to the base. The caverns were infested with wampas, who Marek dispatched with ease. As ice columns the Sith had been jumping across started to collapse, Captain Keenah contacted Marek on his comlink to inform him of the cavern's instability and admitted that the most likely cause was the walker invasion force. Although the captain claimed the mistake to be unintentional and Marek was unharmed from the experience, the dark lord reached out with the Force to strangle the captain for his failure. Lieutenant Marsen was next in line as Starkiller's liaison and attempted to aid the Sith throughout the rest of the invasion.

When I see games like the switcher, doom(2016), mk11, dying light, etc, being ported over to the switch with nary a hitch; while older games, this, chrono cross, gta trilogy, struggle, I cant help but wonder "poor optimization/incompetent devs".."cash grab"? I mean who asked for this? I would rather have the older star wars battlefront games.

star wars force unleashed


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