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Julia: Innocent Eyes __TOP__ Download PC Game

(Edit: Yes, I know this should be in the discussion thread on the forum, not here, but somebody posted a review complaining they couldn't figure out how to install the game engine. The answer is that there's no installation needed at all. You simply download the Quest Soft Player, launch it and open the game from there.)

Julia: Innocent Eyes Download PC Game

This will not be the review you wil be expecting. When game makers use 'odd' engines, like the QSP file system, then please make absoultely sure that the interested player can find and use the means to get it up and running. I downloaded the provided link to install the QSP software and still the game won't run. On the site itself is no information what I should do or how I sould be installting the QSP software and run the game. After wasting more than an hour searching the internet for alternatives, fighting my way through infinite pop up ads, I gave up. So, I don't know how the other reviewers were able to run the game, but I wasn't. 041b061a72


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