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Passware Kit Forensic 2016 Crack

Passware Kit Forensic 2016: A Complete Electronic Evidence Discovery Solution

Passware Kit Forensic 2016 is a software tool that can recover passwords for over 350 file types, decrypt hard disk images and smartphone data, analyze live memory images, and acquire data from cloud services. It is designed for law enforcement and forensic professionals who need to access encrypted electronic evidence in a fast and efficient way.

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Key Features of Passware Kit Forensic 2016

  • Live Memory Analysis: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can analyze live memory images and hibernation files and extract encryption keys for hard disks, logins for Windows and Mac users, and passwords for files and websites. It can also acquire memory images from Windows, Linux, and Mac computers using Passware Bootable Memory Imager.

  • Cloud Data Acquisition: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can acquire backups and data from cloud services such as Apple iCloud and iCloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. It can also recover passwords for iOS 9 backups and Android images.

  • Passware Kit Agent for Linux: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can run a portable Passware Kit Agent from a bootable Linux USB drive on any system without installation. This allows for distributed password recovery using multiple computers.

  • 64-bit Version: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can process thousands of files simultaneously and handle larger dictionary files with improved performance.

  • Automatic Updates: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can automatically update itself with the latest software versions and features with one year of free Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) subscription.

  • GPU, TACC, Distributed Computing, and Rainbow Tables: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can accelerate password recovery with multiple computers, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, Tableau Password Recovery and TACC devices, and Rainbow Tables. It supports GPU acceleration for passwords with Unicode (non-ASCII) characters.

  • Mobile Forensics: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can recover passwords for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android backups, as well as Android images. It can also extract data from Windows Phones' images. It is integrated with Oxygen Forensic Suite, a mobile forensic software tool.

  • Scans Computers for Encrypted Evidence: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can detect all the encrypted files and hard disk images on a computer, report the encryption type and the decryption complexity, and run password recovery tasks in batch mode.

  • Decrypts FDE: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can decrypt or recover passwords for BitLocker, TrueCrypt, LUKS, FileVault2, Apple DMG, and PGP disk images. It also supports decryption of APFS disks from Mac computers with Apple T2 chip using an optional Passware Kit Forensic T2 Add-on.

  • Integrated with Guidance EnCase: Passware Kit Forensic 2016 can perform one-click password recovery directly from EnCase v7 and higher, a digital forensic software tool.


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