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Heracles Chariot Racing PSN

As a general rule, every chariot has a high top speed but is slow to turn. This seems realistic enough with two caveats. First, the courses are generally very winding and feature sharp turns that will require you to frequently slow down to turn. And second, the designers accounted for this by providing a sharp turn feature that allows your chariot to handle more like a motorcycle than a four wheeled horse drawn carriage. Add this to the list of completely unrealistic features to this game, but sometimes realism must bend to game necessity and this feature allows experienced players to maneuver the courses at breakneck speed and keeps the pace exciting.

Heracles Chariot Racing PSN

The game offers 3 skill levels for the racing mode. Higher skill levels include more on course obstacles and enemy racers who are ridiculously hard to beat. The hard level is so difficult that even experienced Mario Kart players will feel helpless against it. Unfortunately, despite the considerable skill necessary to beat the game on hard difficulty, the game offers you no reward for doing so. Even your best course times are all lumped together, regardless of whether they were earned on easy or hard.

Although Mario Kart set a standard this game cannot hope to match, as a WiiWare based racing and battle mode game Neko Entertainment has finally delivered a very attractive package here. The 3D graphics are something that a normal WiiWare budget could just never afford to develop. But because this is a port we benefit from something that looks unusually advanced for the service and at a bargain price.

If you're looking for a racing game on Wiiware, your choices right now are Hot Rod Show, or this. I can't honestly say one is better than the other as they both are very different experiences and both have their redeeming points. But I personally lean more towards this one.

@Chicken, LOL, Honestly it was easier than typing "prior to getting it." And when I posted it, it wasn't actually first. I saw like 3 posts by the same member that said "FIRST! and surprising score" or something like that...Great review - I particularly liked the part about the "most dedicated Wii owners," myself. I'll get this one over Hot Rod Show. After all, how many trucks and cars and bikes can we race? It's time for some chariots!

Heracles: Chariot Racing is a racing-arcade game developed by Neko Entertainment. It came out on 28-06-2007. Midas Interactive Entertainment published the game. You can play Heracles: Chariot Racing on PC and PlayStation 2.

Players control Heracles or one of a number of characters from Greek mythology (such as Poseidon, Medusa and the Minotaur) in a series of horseless chariot races for the honor of being crowned the Champion Charioteer without a horse. In addition to picking up items to aid themselves, players can also hinder their opponents by using weaponry such as tridents, fireballs and Zeus' lightning in order to try trip them up. 041b061a72


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